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There are now three randomization plan generators.

The first (and original) generator randomizes each subject to a single treatment by using the method of randomly permuted blocks. Now with random block sizes!!!

(The new version with random block sizes should produce the same results as the previous version when there is only one block size. Click on the link to access the generator that was featured through August 2, 2007.)

The second generator creates random permutations of treatments for situations where subjects are to receive all of the treatments in random order.

The third generator generates a random permutation of integers. This is particularly useful for selecting a sample without replacement.

New features will be added as the occasion demands. This page will undergo updates and revisions, but links to the randomization plan generators will always be available here, The generators may undergo some cosmetic changes, but the algorithms will not be changed. This will insure that an old plan can always be reconstructed. In the event it becomes necessary to change a generator, a notice will be posted on the website and the program will be updated, but every version of the generators will continue to be available. When a randomization plan is created, the date is now printed on the plan to document the generator that was used.

Newly added! Random block sizes

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